Welcome to your new lifestyle of training.

My names Fabricio Pacholok. Im a master of Phisical Traninig in Brazil, graduated in Physical Education and have been working with Bodybuilding and world class athlestes for more than 20 years.

Before that, I was a athlete myself, training, learning, enduring and participating in the majors championships here in Brazil and South American.

During these years I found my life passion about that lifestyle, creating my own personal method of training, and started coaching and training others athletes, among other people that enjoy this life or are seeking for a healthy lifestyle, helping then to achieve this goal and become a better person.

Everything I have learned throughout all these years, living with the best coaches and athletes in Brazil and the world, will be used to help you achieve your goals.

Pacholok Team Online Consulting

Coaching for Athletes

My coaching program offers a unique vision, support and strategy plan to assist you in all the stages of your journey, from the early stages of preparation, training, dieting programs and everything you will need to develop the physique you’re dreaming to achieve.

What you get:

Training schedule: Individualized and periodized training, designed according to your goals, fitness level and available time.

Diet: Personalized meal plan.

Supplementation: Guidance on the use of supplements: which ones to use, how to use them and when.

Support for questions: Direct communication channel to answer questions and receive feedback on your progress.


3 months of advice


6 months of advice


12 months of advice
Through a detailed assessment, we identify your strengths and weaknesses, creating an action plan to strengthen your weaknesses and enhance your strengths, building a complete and symmetrical physique. With the right advice, you will be closer to achieving your bodybuilding goals.
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